Church of Jesus Christ
The Church of Jesus Christ
721 County Road 316
Jackson, MO 63755
(572) 204-7087

Pastor Delbert Mueller
701 County Road 316
Jackson Mo 63755
Assistant Pastor Albert Sadler
1205 Bel-Air Drive
Jackson, MO 63755
Sunday morning: 10 A.M.
Sunday evening: 6 P.M.
Monday Prayer Service: 7 P.M.
Wednesday: 7 P.M.

The church is located on County Road 316 off Highway 25 between Jackson and Gordonville, Missouri.
The church also offers a free home bible study to anyone interested in learning more about God's Word. There is also youth activities.
We invite you to visit us. Contact Pastor for any information needed.
The Church has become a Host Site for the Angel Food Ministries. This is open to everyone. This is a program where individuals can purchase food boxes,and special packages at a reduced cost. Orders and payments are made during a appointed time each month. Then the items are picked up at the Host site on a set date and time each month.You must pick up your item on that date. The value of the times are about half the costs in stores. The program is a volunteer worked program. The Church will appreciate all help on distributing day. At this time individuals may call and make scheduled appointments to pay for orders. All orders must be paid in advance. For Food Menu or to place a order call: The Church - 573 204-7087 or Sis Jackie Mueller - 573 204-7761
Everyone welcome!