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1301 Woodland Drive 573/243-0649
Jackson, MO 63755 FAX: 573/243-0640
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Local Christian church leaders and business people joined together in 1988 to dedicate a radio broadcast station uniquely structured for the purpose of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ over the airwaves through the mediums of music and programming. For more than 10 years KUGT AM1170 has remained faithful to its commitment of using radio broadcast as a tool to assist the church and business community in their efforts to present and support the preaching and teaching concepts that offer a uniquely Christian prospective targeting individual men, women, teens and children, as well as family units, political and educational systems, and faltering world view.


FINANCIAL SUPPORT - Reasonable rate sheets are available for:
  • Commercial spots (businesses)
  • Ministry spots (churches/ministries)
  • Program sponsorships
  • "Your Own Program" (local ministry)
MINISTRY SUPPORT - Free 24 hour request line service for:
  • Prayer requests (335-1170 or 243-3100)
  • Announcements (fax 243-040 or mail)

Contemporary Format

"Today's Christian Music"
7:05 Parent Talk Tip 7:00 Focus on the Family Weekend
7:23 Phyllis Schlafly Report 8:00 Wake Up Welcome
7:40 Scripture as Told 8:15 Adventure in Odyssey (1)
8:06 Oasis 8:45 Kids Prayer Time
8:10 How to Manage Your Money 9:00 Little Book Shop
8:15 Discovering Life 9:30 Children's Bible Hour
8:45 Faith Seminar of the Air 10:00 Kid's Corner
9:00 Insight for Living 10:30 Adventure in Odyssey (2)
9:45 Enjoying Everyday Life 11:00 Left Behind - Kids
10:00 Focus on the Family 11:30 Closing
10:30 In Touch 11:45 Living in the Light
11:00 Grace to You 12:00 Today's Christian Music
11:30 Christian SUNDAY
12:00 Today's Christian Music 6:30 Praise - Worship
1:00 Point of View 7:00 From This Day Forward
3:06 Parent Talk 7:30 Footsteps
4:00 Today's Christian Music 8:00 St. Paul Lutheran Church - Jackson
  9:15 "Left Behind" Series
  11:15 First Baptist Church - Jackson
  12:00 Today's Christian Music


Keeping that "personal touch", KUGT offers special features for reaching out to the local community. They include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Prayer request lines available 24 hours/day
  • Christian : free listing of events in churches and local community
  • Feature local bands and vocal talents
  • Feature Christian artists and concerts
  • Personal appearances representing clients at local fairs, business openings, shows, etc.
  • Connecting suppliers with customers
  • Feature local churches and ministries as well as community clubs
  • Exclusive productions by distinguished vocal commercial artist Peter Christian
  • Keeping abreast of the radio marketers through national, state and local broadcast organizations
  • Making ministry to homebound persons available through "live broadcasts"
  • Using advanced technology via satellite, digital receiving systems, computer programming, Internet accessibility and automation
  • Emergency Alert System
  • Local weather announcements
  • Sales and marketing focused on children, families, schools, business and community service