Jackson Project Charlie

CHARLIE stands for CHemical Abuse Resolution Lies In Education.
Volunteers teach 2nd and 4th grade students in the local Jackson, Missouri, schools self-esteem, behavior skills, decision-making skills, and especially "Don't do drugs".

Project Charlie is an international prevention education program based on teaching personal and social skills that promote resiliency and positive youth development. Through curriculum and training, Project Charlie equips teachers with the skills and information they need to teach children social competencies that will lead them to choose not to use! Research indicates that the social competency model used in Project Charlie is effective in deterring adolescent chemical use and abuse.

Project Charlie programs include both school and home-based curriculum for prevention in drug abuse, physical and sexual abuse, and violence prevention for elementary and middle school age children. Project Charlie is age-specific, developmentally appropriate, and culturally sensitive. The program aims to teach children living skills, attitudes and knowledge about drugs, physical and sexual abuse, and violence while providing them with opportunities to learn healthy behaviors and with choices. Project Charlie engages students and keeps them interested with various activities.

For more information, contact the Treasurer for the Jackson Project Charlie, Tonya Buttry, by email (projectcharlie@jacksonmo.com) or by phone (573/243-4446).

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