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Jackson, Missouri
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Flag helpers at Brookside MemorialThe land where the Brookside Memorial to Veterans of All Wars is located used to be a 40 acre farm owned by the Fredrick's family and is now owned by Gwen Winningham.

The land was overgrown, it had gullies, and the fence needed fixing. The Department of Agriculture terraced it as it looks today.

Gwen had thoughts that this might be a park someday, so she had a flagpole installed; it is still standing and a part of the Memorial today. She made a trip every morning and evening to raise and lower the flag, as there was not light on it.

In time, Gwen decided to put a concrete pad all around the pole. Someone suggested to her that this would be a nice place for a Memorial of some kind.

Gwen had served our contrry in the service, so the Veteran was close to her heart. The idea of Memorial to the Veteran appealed to her.

In August 1991, at the meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post #10495, she approached them about becoming a co-sponsor with her in a Vetarans Memorial. They agreed, and in turn asked if the post would help. That was the start of the Memorial.

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